The global Chinese consumer is now the biggest luxury market in the world, and 60% of their spending is outside mainland China.

China Edge brings a fresh perspective to the China opportunity for luxury brands – by focusing on the consumer, not the country. By taking a structured, 3-dimensional approach, China Edge helps brands target, capture and retain the overseas luxury spending of wealthy Chinese consumers from a position of strength – in their home market. China Edge  provides an end-to-end platform to help brands target, engage and serve the global Chinese consumer, creating opportunities for growth in sales and brand value. The China Edge approach enables brands to plan their strategy, engage the target audience, and deliver measurable results:

Plan the strategy and promotion, & manage the risks, with customised needs analysis & tailored materials & action plan

Engage Chinese consumers via targeted travel industry & digital/social campaigns, & bring them in-store

Deliver staff training to customise service & boost sales